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Hobart Airport Tourist Park

Hobart Region, Tasmania

Hobart Waterfront. Photo - Tourism Tasmania & Sean Fennessy

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  • Exhibitions and Shows (32)
    1. 62nd Blake Prize Touring Exhibition Since 1951, the Blake Prize has been awarded to a work that addresses a subject of religious or spiritual integrity. The Prize allows artists to respond to the theme with works that generate an ongoing conversation about what matters most in contemporary culture what we believe in and how we interpret our humanness. Each year the Blake receives over 1000 entries from artists around Australia using any media or approach.
    2. Alpaca Fiesta 2014 The Tasmanian region of the Australian Alpaca Association is to hold their inaugural Alpaca Fiesta at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds cattle sheds on the 19th & 20th April (Easter) this year. Features will include: Animals on display and for sale.
    3. Art from Trash 2014 Hosted by Resource Work Co-operative, the annual Art From Trash community art exhibition will be held at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. For two decades this community art exhibition has been part of the southern Tasmanian arts events calendar. Art From Trash celebrates the work of artists who are invited to re-think, re-use and re-create materials, considered rubbish and destined for landfill, into visual artworks.Resource Work Co-operative hosts the Art from Trash event to promote the creative recovery of discarded resources and to raise public awareness about the work of the Resource Work Co-operative as a not for profit community organisation. Fostering waste minimisation and resource recovery and providing local employment opportunities are the key business objectives of Resource Work Co-operative.
    4. Asylum by Roger Ballen - Mona Roger Ballen is what you'd call a 'wound opener'. Working with black and white film, Ballen's photography sheds light on the darker side of the human self - a scab that most of us would perhaps rather leave untouched. He describes his work as fundamentally psychological and existential; for him, making art is an exercise in defining himself. His photography also incorporates drawings, sculptures, and a photographic drawing technique developed by Ballen himself. Ballen is at MONA to exhibit work from his Asylum and Apparitions series.
    5. Australian Native Beasts and Birds An exhibition of fibre based crafts from artisans across Australia. Presented by The Spindle Tree and Salamanca Arts Centre.
    6. Burnt Rubber… The mixed media exhibition Burnt Rubber by Donna Ritchie explores social behaviour and the consequences of greed. By using nostalgic triggers, such as matchbox cars, I aim to give the viewer a personal connection to my work whilst filtering messages through.
    7. Capital and country - the Federation years 1900 - 1914 Capital and country is a travelling exhibition of paintings from the national collection, developed as the National Gallery of Australias gift to the nation in celebration of Federation and the centenary of the Federal Capital in 2013. It considers the parallel stories of Federation landscape painting in Australia and the art produced by Australians who lived in Europe during this period, which takes in Edwardian England and the last years of the Belle Epoque in France before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.
    8. City of Clarence Open Art Exhibition Clarence City Council invites local artists to exhibit paintings, photography, drawing and printmaking, and mixed media works in this ever popular exhibition. Prizes to the value of $3300. All artists are welcome. Entry forms will be available from July by contacting the Schoolhouse.
    9. Cover Up This presentation is the first solo exhibition by Julie Winlow featuring, bronze, ceramic and multi media sculpture. The work comprises of some adult themes and viewers may find the work confronting.
    10. Dark Mofo Darkness is spreading across Tasmania, as the Museum of Old and New Arts winter festival Dark Mofo returns in 2014 to celebrate the dark through large-scale public art, food, music, light and noise. Building up to the solstice and the Nude Solstice Swim, Dark Mofo in Hobart will feature the Winter Feast at the waterfront (June 19-21), a large-scale public artwork to light up the winter night, the Mona till Midnight opening of MONAs winter exhibition, a curated Dark Mofo Films program, the usual after-hours debauchery of Dark Faux Mo, plus performances, installations, and much more.
    11. Degradation and Reflection Degradation & Reflection is a photographic reconstruction by Mandy Schoene-Salter of decaying buildings and materials such as the roof of a burned down house, fallen down foliage and an abandoned old bus. These fragments of decay are captured in their processes of deterioration, and as they appear in frozen time capsules never again will they these objects appear as they were at the moment of capture; never again will they hold such potential. After the photographs are taken, the items are left behind, but a series of new constructions are made from these temporal image fragments. The elegant yet simple technique of mirroring or reflecting the photographs upon themselves were used, when the mirrored images construct duplicate worlds out of singular realities. The picture is no longer representing the real, or highlighting un-noticed details of life, but rather reconstructing a new image form fragments of the past.
    12. Dog's Day Out Dogs are special members of our families and Clarence Council dedicates a day to them at the Rosny Farm. Featuring agility competitions, dress-ups, visiting vets and the Poochibald Art Prize, Dogs Day Out also offers a barbecue and live music to entertain the whole family.
    13. Dollhouse and Miniatures Extravaganza Exhibition and sale of miniatures, dollshouses and components with Tasmanian and mainland artists and traders. The main feature of the exhibition will be the Miniature Enthusiasts of Tasmania's miniature department store: Lilliput. The store has 20 departments constructed and assembled by MET members throughout the state. Our art gallery will feature 20 different scenes depicting a variety of occupations, all in 1/12th scale.
    14. Fred Smith - Dust of Uruzgan In 2011, songwriter and diplomat Fred Smith returned from 18 months in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan with a collection of songs he released as the album Dust of Uruzgan. The album won rave reviews and coverage on national radio, television and print. Smith is currently back in Uruzgan working alongside Australian troops as they prepare to withdraw from the province by Christmas 2013. He will be returning to Australia in 2014 to tour the Dust of Uruzgan stage show.
    15. From the Side Lighting and Furniture Design by Duncan Meering. Light and its dispersion through and around forms can influence our mood and how we think about a lived-in environment.
    16. From the Side Out the Front Lighting and Furniture Design by Duncan Meerding. Light and its dispersion through and around forms can influence our mood and how we think about a lived-in environment.
    17. Hobart Horticultural Society Annual Chrysanthemum and Floral Art Show Come and enjoy the beauty and magic of the City of Hobart's Chrysanthemum and Floral Art Show. There will be the usual great display of the magnificent Chrysanthemums which are among the best in the world and can only been seen in Hobart at this show. Other autumn flowers, fruit and veggies as well as lots of lovely floral art including a display on the stage titled Autumn Fantasia. We are hoping there will also be some creative entries from children if you have kiddies or grand-kids, please encourage them to enter their creations in the show.
    18. Howelling On the 21 of October 1818, a convict from Yorkshire, England, Michael Howe was finally cornered and brutally clubbed to death by authorities. Howes decapitated body was unceremoniously buried near his hideout on the banks of the river Shannon, his head was in turn taken to Hobart town to be exhibited to the good people of that fine city. In his hut a kangaroo-skin diary was found and, as rumour and folklore has it Howe had inscribed with his own blood, not only his ruminations, but a list of flowers that he had once know back home in Yorkshire and had hoped to grow on the banks of the river. Sabrina Evans investigated this folklore and coupled it with the visual power and symbolism found in the Major Arcana of the Sun Tarot card. The Sun card, whilst appears joyful and uplifting, represents the dualities of life and death, reality and of the unconsciousness, a realm of what eventually will be experienced as physical death. Brings about a depiction of the folklore of Tasmanias colonial history as a symbolic step in the spiritual journey of this land.
    19. Hubert Duprat - Mona Meet Hubert Duprat. This French artist is an enigma of the best possible variety. He conducts experiments - not necessarily to solve problems or to test hypotheses - that poetically investigate the border between art and science. Fundamental questions for Duprat include 'what is art?' and 'what is an artist?' and his interests extend to geology and archaeology, as well as the natural sciences. Here at MONA - in his first solo exhibition in Australia - Duprat's intriguing approach will be on full display. This exhibition will see him use natural magnets, crystals sculpted by microscopic atomic arrangement, Neolithic flint-knapping techniques and synthetic substances invented by modern industry. He's also continuing his iconic decades-long work with the caddisfly. He'll enlist live indigenous caddisfly larvae (a freshwater aquatic insect) to decorate their silk body-cases with gold spangles and jewels instead of the usual pebbles, twigs and sand. Which begs the question: who's the artist here - human or insect?
    20. In the fast lane… In the fast lane... is an exhibition of mixed-media works by Donna Ritchie that explores our nostalgic triggers whilst commentating on our vehicle usage. In just one moment we can become nostalgic when a visual sensory grabs our attention and draws us back in our own memory.
    21. Insight Radical - Conversations on Art and Science Join us for an evening of wine & nibbles to discuss INSIGHT RADICAL: where science meets art in conversation with scientist Dr RENEE BEALE and Winsor & Newton resident artist NATALIE OCONNOR. A unique event of chemistry experiments, conversations on colour, discussions of permanency in artwork, and also cabbages
    22. Islands to Ice Islands to Ice explores the definitions, perceptions, mythology and motivations of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. It explores the places, the people, the creatures and the phenomena that make the great southern wilderness a world of its own.
    23. Lifestyle and Leisure Expo Something for everyone at the Hobart Leisure and Lifestyle Show. The 2014 Hobart Leisure and Lifestyle show will be huge with many caravans, campers and RVs on display, plus advice galore to help with your travel plans.
    24. Light and Water A exhibition of works that explore the interaction between light and water by SAC Studio Artist Philip Murrell. This exhibition is a display of traditional landscape format paintings looking at the transition between land and water and the interaction of light. Some of the works are however along a more abstract theme again exploring that interaction.
    25. MetaMatter Nadege Philippe-Janon experiments with animation, materials and elemental substances, creating otherworldly miniature environments that explore relationships between human and non-human. From an anthropocentric view of the world, humans are considered to be active and nature is considered passive. However, we are surrounded by ever changing processes, systems within systems, and inextricably entwined networks of interaction. MetaMatter explores these networks and offers us a less human centered view of the living and material world, questioning the Western influenced dichotomy between nature and culture to suggest that we are implicated in and connected to the vibrant world around us. The works are created using animation and organic and inorganic ephemera, and emerge as miniature ecosystems in themselves, involving electricity, the gallery space and the viewer into their environments.
    26. MONA till Midnight Once a year, MONA hosts a night at the museum. With music, performers, food, wine, it's the perfect chance to skulk around the site at night. Exhibitions currently open include Monanism, The Red Queen, Hubert Duprat, Roger Ballen 'Asylum', and a new project thats a bit unusual - even by MONAs standards.
    27. Mr Peacock’s Garden Kellys Garden Curated Projects is an initiative of the Salamanca Arts Centre and made possible through the generosity of Aspect Design and fundraising from SACs supporters at Quiz Night. This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts. Julie Payne would like to thank the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens for their generous donation of time and expertise. Biography: Julie Payne
    28. Museum of Old and New Art - MONANISM Exhibition Permanent exhibition: MONANISM - Evolving. Curated by David Walsh, Olivier Varenne and Nicole Durling and the MONA team.
    29. Museum of Old and New Art - The Red Queen The Red Queen is a character from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass. She's a sinister mixture of power and futility: even as she doles out orders willy-nilly, she seems to lock herself in a weird and lonely prison of words: 'What's the French for fiddle-de-dee?'
    30. Quiz Night - The Republic Bar and Cafe Come and enjoy the fun of our regular quiz and why not have dinner at the same time. Entry is $2 per person with all money going towards prizes. Spot prize and lucky door prizes. Call 62346954 to book your table. This is always a popular night we recommend you book in advance.
    31. Radiata The artists will host a conversational artists talk in the exhibition space. This event will be an opportunity to discuss the work and related ideas with the artists in a casual forum over a cup of tea. This exhibition will bring together the work of three emerging artists, William Horan, Jacob Raupach and Felix Wilson, working primarily in photography who are exploring human relationships with the non-human through engagement with a single species of tree, the Radiata Pine.
    32. Royal Hobart Show Experience country life with a carnival atmosphere. At this year's show you will be able to see a wide range of attractions, activities and animal exhibitions and judging that celebrates Tasmania's agricultural industries as well as well your love for domesticated pets such as cats and dogs.
  • Festivals and Celebrations (10)
    1. Anzac Day Dawn Service - Clarence A Dawn Service will be held at the Clarence RSL. ANZAC was the name given to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey early on the morning of 25 April 1915 during the First World War (1914-1918).
    2. Anzac Day Dawn Service - Lindisfarne A Dawn Service will be held at the Lindisfarne RSL. ANZAC was the name given to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey early on the morning of 25 April 1915 during the First World War (1914-1918).
    3. Anzac Day Dawn Service - Richmond A Dawn Service will be held at the Richmond Town Hall. ANZAC was the name given to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey early on the morning of 25 April 1915 during the First World War (1914-1918).
    4. Australian Wooden Boat Festival Join us in Hobart, the home of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival - a spectacular four day celebration of maritime culture and craftsmanship. Over 500 boats and wooden craft of all shapes and sizes will congregate on the city's historic waterfront. This amazing scene of colour and activity provides the perfect setting for an extensive program of dockside entertainment, music, demonstrations, and displays. Opening with the wonderful Parade of Sail on Friday, there is action aplenty on the water throughout the weekend.
    5. Clarence Jazz Festival Held in beautiful outdoor, riverside and historic locations, the Clarence Jazz Festival is one of Tasmania's most popular music events. Audiences love the great performances, unique locations and unrivalled good vibes. The Festival presents the very best in local jazz talent and great performers from around Australia.
    6. Craig Wellington and Friends Festival of Voices presents Craig Wellington and Friends. In 2013 Craig Wellington and Friends sold out at Voicebox as part of the Festival of Voices, so they are back by popular demand in 2014 to perform more classics from the world of musical theatre.
    7. Festival of Voices Festival of Voices brings captivating song to Hobart in the heart of winter. The Festival of Voices offers a diverse range of concerts featuring the best in international and national talent as well as performances by our many touring and workshop choirs. FOV concerts are unique offering exciting opportunities to be up close and personal with amazing solo and ensemble performances.
    8. New Years Eve at The Taste Emjoy bands and performers and then the skies of Hobart will come alive with light and colour during a family fireworks display in Sullivans Cove at 9.30pm and a grand fireworks display on the waterfront at midnight, promising something special to bring in 2011. Come with a group and book a table or buy a general entry ticket and move around the party. Join in and dance, absorb the festive atmosphere and
    9. Rare Food and Cider at ESF+W Join cooking identity Karen Goodwin-Roberts Elizabeth Street Food + Wine for a unique evening of culinary rarities.This six course dining experience will highlight an extensive range of Tasmanian forgotten and lesser known ingredients, woven into delicious dishes, presented with Karens usual flair and matched with a range of the best Tasmanian ciders. Even the most seasoned food lovers are likely to be exposed to unfamiliar flavours and some ingredients are bound to set smartphone fingers tapping secretly under the table!
    10. Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race The Rolex Sydney Hobart is a 628 nautical mile yacht race which begins in Sydney Harbour and finishes in Hobart. Be part of the scene at one of the worlds great blue water classics.
  • Markets (4)
    1. Baby and Kids Market - Hobart This Baby & Kids Market is for preloved goods for boys & girls from birth to 7 yrs. All Baby & Kids Markets are held inside, so no matter what the weather brings, we will proceed.
    2. Flourish Handmade Market Flourish Handmade Market is a new fresh market located at New Town (southern Tasmania), showcasing a unique range of locally designed and handmade businesses. Visit Flourish Handmade Market for a unique range of locally designed and handmade homewares, kids clothing & toys, stationery, food, gifts, jewellery and much more...
    3. Frock Up Tasmania Retro, designer, antique and vintage clothing spanning two hundred years are to be found on the racks of the local and interstate dealers who frock up in Hobart twice yearly. There is millinery ranging from Jane Austin era bonnets to classic forties numbers, Victorian era lace up boots, fine Italian leather shoes, buttons big and small, textiles ranging from Liberty fabric to flower power era designs, mens wear, jewellery ranging from costume jewellery costing a few dollars to antique items costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, patterns, womens magazines, boxes of antique lace, unmentionables as the Victorians would say and of course boudoir items. As well as the thousands of items for sale it's always a fabulous fashion exhibition.
    4. MoMa MoMa is no ordinary market its a sensory celebration of art, food and life, on the lawns at Mona. Drink crafty cocktails in the sunshine, devour everything from South American pork churrasco to New Orleans po boys, debate the naff-free art, craft and performance, or zone out on a beanbag.
  • Performances (44)
    1. 1984 The Theatre Royal presents a Shake & Stir Theatre Co production 1984. Tripleplusgood. To borrow from newspeak,doubleplusgood doesnt quite do 1984 justice
    2. 2014 Uni Revue - The Habbott, An Elected Journey - Hobart The Old Nick Company Presents 2014 Uni Revue The Habbott, An Elected Journey. The Old Nick Company is delighted to present Tasmanias annual theatrical bout of political satire, satirical song and dance numbers, parody, and the odd (and sometimes very odd) private part.
    3. ABBA The Concert - The GOLD ARRIVAL Tour - Hobart Get ready Australia ABBA The Concert The GOLD ARRIVAL Tour has landed and is set to take the country by storm in 2014 with a two-hour tribute show that will re-live the hits of the Swedish pop phenomenon. A win on the internationally recognised Eurovision song contest in 1974 catapulted ABBA a group made up of two couples comprising Agnetha Fltskog, Bjrn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad to become a household name.
    4. Admission One Shilling - Hobart Andrew McKinnon and Phil Bathols present Admission One Shilling. Patricia Routledges chemistry with Piers Lane, developed over many years of friendship, makes their performance a delight" CANTERBURY FESTIVAL
    5. Allegri Ensemble Presents Easter Joy Allegri Ensemble "Easter Joy" choral concert directed by Andrew Bainbridge, presents "Easter Joy", a concert of glorious choral music for Easter by Bach, Byrd, Palestrina, Lassus, Philips and Samuel Wesley. Easter Joy opens with Bachs joyous motet for double choir, "Singet dem Herrn", followed by two 6-voice motets based on the Easter plainchant Haec dies by Palestrina in 1575 and Byrd in 1591.
    6. ANAM Concerto Competition The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is dedicated to the artistic and professional development of the nations finest young musicians. In this concert you get to hear students from ANAM perform back-to-back concertos. Enjoy exceptional music-making at the exceptional price of only $20 ($15 concession/student).
    7. Apia Good Times Tour - Hobart Featuring music legends Joe Camilleri, Richard Clapton, Russell Morris and Leo Sayer Presented by APIA with Premier Artists
    8. Ball Park Music It is said that all good things come in threes and today Ball Park Music made a triple announcement that is guaranteed to excite their fans: a new single She Only Loves Me When Im There, a National album tour, and the release date for their third album Puddinghead. Puddinghead will be released on Friday 4th April 2014 via Stop Start and Inertia. This new record is the follow up to their 2012 sophomore release, Museum.
    9. Big Baby - Boss of the World - Hobart Terrapin Puppet Theatre, in association with the Theatre Royal, presents Big Baby - Boss of the World. BY VAN BADHAM
    10. Born From Animals The Tasmanian Theatre Company, supported by The Theatre Royal, Presents Born From Animals. A triptych of new plays by Tasmanias finest playwrights: Tom Holloway, Finegan Kruckemeyer and Sean Monro
    11. Both Sides The Theatre Royal and Promac Productions present Both Sides. STARRING DAVID HOBSON & RACHAEL BECK
    12. Buddy the Concert Scott 'Buddy' Cameron's 10th Anniversary Tour Cameron has a strong presence and a great voice belting out song after song with apparent ease, he is a more than capable actor with a good sense of timing and a admirable turn on the texan accent. SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
    13. Celtic Illusion Witness the Magic - Hobart Created by and starring Anthony Street, former principal dancer from Michael Flatlelys Lord of the Dance, & Rhythms of Ireland comes the new Irish dance spectacular taking Australia by storm, Celtic Illusion. Embark on a journey where for the first time ever, Irish dance & illusion are brought together on one stage.
    14. Circus Oz - Hobart The Theatre Royal presents Circus Oz. Before the world was swamped by slick and sharp sales teams, ready to sell you anything, advertising billboards were hand painted and a show could be pulled out of a wicker trunk.
    15. Classical Triple Bill Theatre Royal and the Australian Ballet present The Dancers Company s production Classical Triple Bill. In 2014 The Dancers Company will dazzleTheatre Royal audiences with a triple bill of ballet gems including Paquita, Rimbombo and Swan Lake (Act III).
    16. Controlled Falling Project - Hobart The Theatre Royal presents a thissideup production Controlled Falling Project. Quirky and physical, majestic and muscular... CITYSEARCH
    17. Dash A great finish to the Concert program, Melbourne-based Dash promise an evening of creative risks and melodic piano-driven song writing. Concerts start at 7:30pm unless otherwise notified. Entry is by gold coin donation and concerts usually run for 1 hour. Booking not required. Concerts which are not part of this Concert Series may require an entry fee.
    18. Dave Hughes - Pointless As seen on The Project and Before The Game. As heard on Nova 100. Hes said goodbye to breakfast radio and farewell to The Project all that remains is his first love live, standup comedy. Hughesy is absolutely loving being back on stage with his all new show Pointless and he cant wait to throw open the doors at Wrest Point Entertainment Centre!
    19. Deception - A Night of Unique Illusions with Bodane Hatten Dare to be deceived! Join Tasmanian-born illusionist Bodane Hatten in an all-new entertaining night of mystery and intrigue. After the success of Bodane last full length show, Underground Magic in 2011 and a year wowing audiences at Dracula's, Bodane returns to the state in this all-new show of skills and trickery.
    20. Food - Hobart The Theatre Royal presents a FORCE MAJEURE AND BELVOIR co-production Food. a robust meal... warm, substantial,
    21. Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be - The story of Bon Scott Wander Productions and Theatre Royal present Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be: The story of Bon Scott. By Andrew Barker
    22. Henry V The Theatre Royal presents A BELL SHAKESPEARE PRODUCTION Henry V. Bell Shakespeare... synonymous with quality theatre.
    23. In The Next Room A hilarious and heart-warming story of self-discovery and the power of one woman. Written by Sarah Ruhl. Directed by Steven Jones.
    24. It's Dark Outside It's Dark Outside ...moving and uplifting"
    25. James Blunt Moon Landing World Tour JAMES BLUNT WITH SPECIAL GUESTS BUSBY MAROU James Blunt returns to Australia in 2014 with special guests Busby Marou.
    26. John Waters - Looking Through A Glass Onion In 1992, John Waters and Stewart DArrietta took to the small stage at the Tilbury Hotel, Woolloomooloo, Sydney with their debut production of Looking Through A Glass Onion. What was an initially a one week booking quickly sold out and extended into a six week, sell out season. Thus the original seed of Looking For A Glass Onion was born. Fast forward, after a massive 137-date tour in 2010/2011/2012, John and Stewart are returning with their up close and personal 2 man show in 2014 whilst gearing up toward launching the production Off Broadway in New York.
    27. Johnny Cash the Concert Golden Greats of 'The Man In Black' - Hobart Award winning singer, Daniel Thompson and Golden Guitar winning Australian guitar Legend, Stuie French are back, bringing you ALL things CASH with their acclaimed, Johnny Cash The Concert. Featuring songs spanning Cashs entire career, from Hey Porter to the Highwayman, At Folsom Prison to the American Recordings and including the collaborations with some of his most iconic contemporaries.
    28. Journey's End To commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War. Written by R.C. Sherriff. Directed by Robert Jarman.
    29. Legally Blonde Legally Blonde the Musical OMG you guys!
    30. Little Red Riding Hood - Hobart Festival of Voices presents Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. A TWIST IN THE TAIL
    31. Marina Prior Live 204 - Hobart Come and join Marina Prior as she celebrates her ongoing journey as one of Australia`s favourite artists with her brand new show in 2014. Marina has received numerous awards including four MO Awards, three Green Room Awards, and the Advance Australia Award for her contribution to the performing arts and in 2006, she was honoured with induction into Australias 100 Entertainers of the Century and this is one show you don't want to miss!
    32. Melbourne International Comedy Festival Road Show - Hobart Touring leg of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Every year, a motley crew of witty so and sos spend a month entertaining wide-eyed audiences in the comedy capital of Australia. After tickling the funny bones of anyone who will listen, it is then time to take their best jest and share it with the rest of Australia- hence, the Melbourne Comedy Festival ROADSHOW.
    33. Mr McGee and the Biting Flea - Hobart The theatre royal presents a patch theatre company production Mr McGee & the Biting Flea. Emerging from dozens of suitcases and crates, three curious warehouse workers transform a storeroom into enchanting little miracles of music and play.
    34. Musica Viva Tasmania - American Brass Quintet On this, its first Australian tour, the American Brass Quintet will bring to life the sound-world of Renaissance Venice with lively transcriptions of Monteverdi madrigals and canzoni by Gabrieli and his contemporaries. Program
    35. Musica Viva Tasmania - Australian String Quartet Australias showcase quartet has a new line-up. Fresh talent Ioana Tache (violin) and Sharon Draper (cello) join veterans Kristian Winther (violin) and Stephen King (viola) in a one-off concert for Musica Viva Tasmania of Haydn, Beethoven and Bartok at Hobarts Town Hall on Saturday August 9 at 8pm. Programme:
    36. Musica Viva Tasmania - Borodin Quartet Famous in the West during the Cold War era, the Borodin Quartetwhose past members have included Rudolf Barshai and Mstislav Rostropovichthrough its longevity and the consistent quality of its performances, holds an established position in the history of twentieth century chamber music. Here they present a program laden with drama, beauty and even a little terror. Program
    37. Musica Viva Tasmania - Ian Munro Ian Munro is one of this countrys most celebrated pianists, and was featured composer for Musica Viva Australia in 2011. He combines an international solo career with extensive chamber music work, notably with the Australia Ensemble. He is the only Australian to be awarded the Premier Grand Prix at the Queen Elizabeth International Competition for Composers (Belgium). For Musica Viva Tasmania he offers an extraordinarily varied program of Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist and Modern music. Program
    38. Musica Viva Tasmania - Wilma and Friends As Concertmaster of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra since 2003, Wilma Smith has combined her love of symphonic repertoire with a busy chamber music life. She was last heard in Hobart in Musica Viva Tasmanias 2012 series as part of Ensemble Liaison, and audiences will remember its spectacular performance of Messiaens Quartet for the End of Time. For this performance she is joined by two of New Zealands finest chamber musicians: her long-time collaborator, Michael Houstoun described as New Zealands foremost Beethoven pianist; and international prizewinner and Principal Cello of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Eliah Sakakushev von Bismarck. Program
    39. Oh What A Night - Hobart A Musical Tribute To Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. When you sit down to enjoy the production of Oh What a Night!, you will be in for an incredible evening of entertainment.
    40. Old Man Luedecke Old Man Luedecke is making a sooner-than-expected, but still very welcome return to Australia after the success of last years Australian tour with our own folk troubadour Jordie Lane. Invited back to perform at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, Old Man Luedecke is grabbing the opportunity to pay a return visit to NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia for a run of intimate side shows while he is here.
    41. Perfect Tripod - Australian Songs Inspired by their celebrated rendition of Paul Kelly's Meet Me in the Middle of the Air, the harmony supergroup that is Eddie Perfect and Tripod have re-united to craft a collection of gorgeous vocal arrangements of iconic Australian hits across the ages. Australian Songs is a hand-picked playlist of fair-dinkum winners, filtered through four of the most idiosyncratic voices and musical brains working on the Australian stage today.
    42. Pete the Sheep - Hobart The Theatre Royal presents A Monkey Baa Theatre Company production Pete the Sheep. Pete the Sheep is a brand-new 50-minute musical, based on Jackie French and Bruce Whatleys quirky and quintessentially Australian picture book.
    43. Psychic Medium John Edward Seeing is Believing! Psychic Medium John Edward has captivated audiences' worldwide on his TV shows Crossing Over and Cross Country. He is the world's foremost psychic medium and author of numerous critically acclaimed New York Times best sellers. See him connect with the other side as he visits Hobart. There will be question and answer sessions and messages from loved ones on the other side and more.
    44. Rektango Rektango is a FREE live music event held every Friday evening in the Courtyard (weather pending). Kick-started by Tania Bosak in 2000, Rektango has become a Hobart Institution. This family friendly is the perfect way to finish the week: a chat with friends, great music and a good dance!
  • Sporting Events (7)
    1. City to Casino Fun Run and Walk City to Casino Fun Run! The first event was held on 22 July 1973 with just 229 entrants. Since then participation has grown to over 3,000. 11km Run starts on the Brooker Highway opposite Hobart Showground and finishes at Wrest Point. Walkers are not permitted to enter the 11km event. This is a condition of Tasmania Police.
    2. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - Australia v Scotland The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is being jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand and will feature 49 matches in 44 days across 14 Host Cities including Hobart. The tournament is one of the biggest sports events in the world. All childrens tickets for the pools stage are $5. Prices for adults start from just $20, meaning that a family of four can attend this once in a generation event from just $50. Hobart will host a massive week of World Cup action at Bellerive Oval including the stars from Sri Lanka and the young guns from Zimbabwe and Ireland. Tickets are on sale now! Visit the Cricket World Cup website for further information or to buy tickets.
    3. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - Sri Lanka v Scotland The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is being jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand and will feature 49 matches in 44 days across 14 Host Cities including Hobart. The tournament is one of the biggest sports events in the world. All childrens tickets for the pools stage are $5. Prices for adults start from just $20, meaning that a family of four can attend this once in a generation event from just $50. Hobart will host a massive week of World Cup action at Bellerive Oval including the stars from Sri Lanka and the young guns from Zimbabwe and Ireland. Tickets are on sale now! Visit the Cricket World Cup website for further information or to buy tickets.
    4. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - Zimbabwe v Ireleand The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is being jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand and will feature 49 matches in 44 days across 14 Host Cities including Hobart. The tournament is one of the biggest sports events in the world. All childrens tickets for the pools stage are $5. Prices for adults start from just $20, meaning that a family of four can attend this once in a generation event from just $50. Hobart will host a massive week of World Cup action at Bellerive Oval including the stars from Sri Lanka and the young guns from Zimbabwe and Ireland. Tickets are on sale now! Visit the Cricket World Cup website for further information or to buy tickets.
    5. Le Tour de Norfy Challenge Derwent Cycle Challenge the annual Derwent Cycle Challenge. Choose from three rides. The 38 and 76 km circuit will take you up the picturesque Derwent River, through Bushy Park and back to New Norfolk. The 106km circuit will challenge you as you ride to Hamilton, over the hills to Ellendale then back to New Norfolk. All rides begin and end at Kensington Park, New Norfolk.
    6. North Melbourne v Adelaide Crows - AFL 2014 There is nothing as exciting as a live game of football played at the top level, with superb athletes battling it out for the ultimate prize of the right to play in the AFL Grand Final. In Round 22, North Melbourne meets Adelaide Crows at Blundstone Arena, Bellerive, Hobart.
    7. North Melbourne vs St Kilda - AFL 2014 There is nothing as exciting as a live game of football played at the top level, with superb athletes battling it out for the ultimate prize of the right to play in the AFL Grand Final. In Round 17, North Melbourne meets St Kilda at Bellerive Oval.
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